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The Lafayette County Board of County Commissioners will be accepting sealed bids for elevator modernization at the Lafayette County Courthouse. The bids are to be turned in to the Lafayette County Clerk of Court’s Office at P.O. Box 88, 120 West Main Street, Mayo, Florida 32066 by Friday, June 9, 2023 at 3:00 p.m., and will be opened at a regular scheduled Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as they can be opened. Bid specifications may be obtained by contacting the Clerk’s Office at (386) 294-1600, or by visiting our website at The Lafayette County Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive formalities, to re-advertise and award the bid in the best interest of Lafayette County, Florida and to accept the lowest and best bid.

By Order Of:



Earnest L. Jones, Chairman
Lafayette County Commission

All members of the public are welcome to attend. Notice is further hereby given, pursuant to Florida Statutes 286.0105, that any person or persons deciding to appeal any matter considered at this public hearing will need a record of the hearing and may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceeding is made which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

May 11, 2023

The hydraulic elevator control system is designed to meet the needs of elevator installations re-quiring speeds to 200 feet per minute, service up to 8 landings, and elevator groups to 8 cars making the jobs of installers, adjusters, and maintenance personnel as straightforward as possible, stressing minimal hardware requirements, “out-of-the-box” job readiness, and simple adjustment

• Install new non-proprietary microprocessor based hydraulic control system.
• Install new wiring
• Retain existing submersible pump unit
• Clean and Paint

• Replace door operator with new non-proprietary high speed door operator
• Install new proximity edge
• Refurbish hall and cab door equipment.
• Retain existing hall and cab doors.


• Furnish and install new car operating stations at the proper code and ADA height. Car station will include car call light up buttons, keyed stop switch, Braille, hands-free ADA compliant telephone, digital position indicator, door open/close buttons, Phase II fire control switch with engraved instructions. This car station will also include an emergency light fixture with a self-contained power pack and a trickle charger with switchover device in the event of a normal power outage.
• Furnish and install new surface mount first floor hall station with Phase I fire control switch with engraved firefighters’ operation instruction and phone monitoring.
• Furnish and install new surface mount hall stations at all floors.
• Furnish and install new passing/stopping audible signal.
• All fixtures to be installed at ADA code heights
• Install new car lanterns

• Replace pit switches
• Make pit ladders code compliant if needed
• Clean and Paint pit floors
• Clean and Paint pit equipment

• Furnish and install new selector
• Furnish and install new car top operating station
• Repair any necessary fascia
• Clean and paint.

• Furnish and install all new wiring in hoistway, machine room and on car
• Furnish and install new travel cable.

All material and workmanship for 12 months on apparatus repaired or replaced will be covered under warranty under this proposal. No other work, except as detailed under “scope of work” is intended or implied.

Equipment not changed or repaired as detailed under “scope of work” is deemed retained apparatus and is not subject to any intended or implied warranty.

Taxes are included where applicable, permits, testing requirements and testing fees.

Two set of applicable drawings to include fixture drawings, cab interior layout, control system schematics will be provided. These drawings will be hard copy and PDF.

All work is based on the normal working hours of the elevator trade and no overtime hours are considered. Once the elevator is taken out of service the public will not be able to ride the elevator until an inspection has been performed, which means all work must be completed including work by others. If the owner desires work outside of normal business hours, then the owner must pay the overtime premium for this to be accomplished.
The owner will provide the following requirements based on ANSI A17.1 Code, except when applicable codes conflict with ANSI A17.1 Code. Rules referenced are ANSI A17.1 Rules.

Machine Room:
• Enclose/relocate all non-elevator-oriented conduit, ducts and drains from elevator ma-chine room, where required in the machine hoistway and/or pit. Enclosures, when used, need to be 2-hour fire rated.
• Provide means to regulate control room temperature and humidity between 55 and 90 degrees fahrenheit with relative humidity no more than 85% non-condensing. Peak equipment heat release is estimated at 26,000 BTU/Hour/Unit for a traction elevator and a minimum of 6,000 BTU/Hour/Unit and a maximum of 9,000 BTU/Hour/Unit for a hydraulic elevator.
• Provide smoke/heat detector as required by regulation. In the event sprinklers are anticipated within the machine room area, a means to remove primary power prior to the ap-plication of water must be provided as required by code.
• Provide new electric wiring from the present disconnect switches to the terminals of the new elevator controller in its new location.
• Provide connection at the elevator controller for fire recall operation, where auto recall is needed to respond to a life safety alarm system.
• Provide proper lighting in the machine room to emit 19-foot candles of light at all points in machine room.
• Provide a fused disconnect switch and a light switch adjacent to the lock jamb side of the machine room door per National Electric Code. Rule 210.5 and NFPA 70 Rule 620- 51. Provide auxiliary disconnects, as required by elevator contractor.
• Provide copper wire feeder and branch wiring circuits to the controller, including a main line switch and convenience outlets.
• Provide an ethernet line with internet service to the controller in the machine rooms.
• Provide a self-closing and locking door to the machine room.
• Provide an ABC fire extinguisher.

General Requirements of Owner:
• Provide a clear floor space to be used as a work area.
• If not presently outfitted, each elevator lobby should be equipped with smoke detectors, which can be used to initiate fire recall.
• Provide building corridor lighting sufficient for illumination of elevator landing sills as required by code.

General Requirements of Contractor:
• Verification of the number of continuous years the bidder has been in business under the same ownership and management. Bid proposals will only be considered from bidders in business for a minimum of five (5) continuous years under the same ownership and management, providing the services specified in this bid document.
• A minimum of five (5) references for similar work. Preference will be given to bidders with governmental experience. Provide a list and brief description of similar contracts of similar size, with location, dates of contract service, contact name, phone number, type of services provided, and address of proprietor(s). Bidder is responsible for verifying correct phone numbers and contact information. Failure to provide accurate data may result in the reference not being considered.
• Proof of general liability insurance.